Fire protection information and fees | Fire contact

Fire Protection Information and Fees

If you are planning a controlled burn, you must advise emergency fire dispatch along with your local fire chief (see below). If you do not give proper notification, and the fire department attends your fire, you will be invoiced accordingly. Please ensure that you follow the correct procedures so that you don’t encounter problems in the future.

The Turtleford and District Fire Association, and the St. Walburg and District Fire Association fees are as follows:

  • The automatic charge is $750. This covers the first hour.
  • There will be an additional charge of $450 per hour thereafter, to a maximum total charge of $3,000 per call, per property owner affected by the call.
  • These maximums only apply to ratepayers of the R.M. of Mervin.

Please ensure that you have adequate fire insurance and fire fighting insurance!


Fire Dispatch

Turtleford Fire Chief
Brent Edwards
H: 306-845-3346
C: 306-307-1085


St. Walburg Fire Chief
Tyler Aldrich
C: 306-821-2402

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