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Subdivision Requirements 2017

Description:                  The RM’s OCP and Zoning Bylaw regulate if and when land can be subdivided within the RM of Mervin.  Outlined within the Zoning Bylaw are specific zoning districts that have specific regulations for subdivisions.

Public Notification:  When subdivision applications are received that fall under the discretionary use category, the RM of Mervin must notify all landowners within 75 metres (246 feet) of the land affected by the subdivision.  If the subdivision requires rezoning into a different district, it would also trigger public notification procedures.

Timing:                             When the RM receives an application, they have 40 days from the date received to present a resolution from Council back to the Community Planning Branch.  This is a provincial requirement, and the RM can request additional time with a valid reason.

Municipal Reserve:   The Community Planning Branch requires a certain amount of dedicated lands to be set aside for Municipal Reserve (MR) lands, which are typically park spaces or spaces for community services.  The intended use of the parcel (i.e. residential or commercial) will determine how much area is required to be set aside for dedicated lands.  All Councils have the ability to choose any one of the four (4) options when dealing with dedicated lands: (1) request the MR land be included within the Plan of Proposed Subdivision and require it be subdivided out to become RM property; (2) request cash-in-lieu instead of dedicated lands based on the market value of the land in question; (3) a combination of land and cash-in-lieu; or (4) the deferral of dedicated lands requirements that will remain as an interest on the property to be dealt with at the time of a future subdivision application.

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Subdivision Process
Subdivision Servicing Agreements


Servicing and/or Development Agreements

Description:         When the RM of Mervin receives applications to subdivide or to develop land, the applicant may be required to enter into agreement for the supplying of municipal services.  As infrastructure costs increase within the RM, applicants may have to provide additional funds to help off-set municipal upgrades and maintenance costs, such as for the municipal lagoon, the RM transfer site and upgrades to municipal roadways.

Often applicants believe that the municipal taxation system provides sufficient funding to pay for these infrastructure upgrades for lagoons, transfer sites, and road construction or upgrades.  The collection of taxes within the RM of Mervin is on a cost-recovery basis only that is determined the previous year based on the number of existing lots of that year, and is not for the generation of additional funds to upgrade municipal facilities and services.  As the request for subdivision and development permits usually extends the municipal services beyond what they were previously evaluated, so these additional costs assist the municipality in continuing to provide these essential services.

The R.M. of Mervin has recently updated the off-site fee assessment for future residential subdivisions within the Municipality. Fees are subject to change without notice. Please contact the Municipal Planner at (306)845-7333 or at for more information.

Road Construction:        When a subdivision or development permit application is presented to Council and the proposal is not accessible by a developed RM roadway, the applicant will be required to pay for the road construction costs.  The RM has adopted a road construction standard policy and any road construction requirements must meet the minimum standard for the proposed use (i.e. residential, agricultural or commercial uses).  If there is an existing municipal road allowance, the RM may request that it be upgraded for the intended use (i.e. residential uses and ensuring a school bus can travel along the road allowance) at the cost of the applicant.

Approaches:       Similar to the situation for road construction, if the subdivision or development permit application is requested at a location that does not have an existing approach (or it does not attain municipal standards), then the applicant will be required to construct the approach to meet the RM standards at their cost.  The cost of approach development is often required in addition to the cost of any road construction or upgrades.  It is at this time that the RM will evaluate drainage and costs to include appropriate drainage and culverts may be required at this time.

Drainage Plans:    Due to increases challenges with drainage within the municipality, R.M. of Mervin requires that all Subdivision Applications are now required to submit an Engineered Drainage Plan at their cost. The drainage plan is used by the Municipality to ensure adequate drainage avenues for the subdivision, and that it will not cause adverse effects to any adjacent lands. Please contact the Municipal Planner for drainage plan procedures.

Attachments:                Subdivision Servicing Agreements

For additional information regarding Subdivision Application procedures, policies, and potential costs, please contact the Municipal Planner at (306)845-7333 or at


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