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The fire ban has been lifted for the R.M. of Mervin No. 499 effective May 22, 2016.



The R.M. of Mervin No. 499 is now accepting tenders for first cut of alfalfa on the NE 32-52-19-W3.  Tenders must be received by June 9, 2016, 12:00 p.m. marked “Hay Tender”.  Hay bales to be removed by July 4, 2016.  If not removed by July 4th, it will be done at the bidder’s expense. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. For more information contact:

R.M. of Mervin No. 499
Box 130
Turtleford, SK S0M 2Y0
or Phone 845-2045


“Slow Down in the Orange Zone”

We are concerned about speed issues when motorists are passing our maintenance and construction employees. We continue to get complaints from our workers about reckless driver behaviour showering them with gravel.  The safety of our workers is our main concern.

Our municipal graders maintaining municipal roads are considered to be in the “Orange Zone” where the travelling public should reduce their speed to 60 km/hr. Motorists should take note of the provincial fines.  Driver attitude towards our maintenance and construction work areas needs to change or even stiffer penalties may be introduced.  We are seeking the RCMP’s assistance in this regard.  Follow the signs and slow down for the safety of workers and your own.



Notice is hereby given that the assessment roll of the R.M. of Mervin No. 499 for the year 2016 has been prepared and is open to inspection in the office of the Assessor from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday inclusive, from April 29th, 2016 to May 30th, 2016.

A bylaw pursuant to Section 214 of the Municipalities Act has been passed and the assessment notices have been sent as required. SAMAView is a website application that allows the general public to access individual property assessments.  You can access SAMAView at www.sama.sk.ca and click on the SAMAView link.

Any person who wishes to appeal against his or her assessment or classification is required to file his or her notice of appeal, accompanied by a $50.00 appeal fee which will be returned if the appeal is successful, with: The Secretary of the Board of Revision, R.M. of Mervin No. 499, Box 130, Turtleford, SK S0M 2Y0 by the 30th day of May, 2016.

Dated this 29th day of April, 2016.

Ryan Domotor


SaskEnergy Inspection of natural gas pipeline
Leak Survey Letter 2016


Road Conditions

Road Restriction Order April 28, 2015 – PLEASE BE ADVISED that effective 12:00 midnight on Tuesday, April 28th and until further notice, the following roads shall have the operation of Tractors and other Vehicles restricted to a Maximum GVW of 54,500 kilograms, including the load.

          – Township 504 from Range Road 3211 to Range Road 3220 (5.0 miles)

          – Range Road 3211 from Township 504 to Township 510 (2.0 miles)

– The bridge located on Township Road 502 west of Hwy 26 is reduced to 75% of secondary weight and a reduced speed of 20 km/hr when crossing.


Oil Spreading will be going on throughout the R.M. this summer, so please reduce your speeds through the areas and drive cautiously.


Check out the link below for information regarding highway traffic within our municipality.

Highway Traffic Thru Communities


Garbage Tags

Only red R.M. of Mervin garbage tags will be accepted at the Transfer Site and for garbage pickup. These tags will not be accepted at the Town of Turtleford or surrounding transfer sites. Red tags are $3.00 each.

Garbage tags can be purchased at the following locations:

  • R.M. of Mervin Office
  • R.M. of Mervin Transfer Site
  • Livelong Post Office
  • Some local Hamlet Boards

Reduce and Recycle:   Recycling bins will remain in the current locations, which are the Hamlets of Livelong and Spruce Lake, Town of Turtleford and St. Walburg as well as at the R.M. Transfer Site. If there is any abuse of the recycling bins Council will be forced to remove the bins.

Please do your part to keep our Communities clean!


More Benefits for our APAS Membership

Saskatchewan’s largest farm group and Canada’s second largest auto manufacturer are teaming to give farmers and small business operators a break when buying a new Ram truck or Chrysler SUV. The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) and Chrysler Canada are offering fleet pricing to APAS’s 10,000 or so members across the province.

Who can qualify for a special fleet discount?

Farmers and small businesses who are R.M. of Mervin No. 499 Ratepayers. Two pieces of documentation are required, including your tax notice showing you are a ratepayer in this R.M. and your GST number to meet the Chrysler requirements to be a small business.

Any Chrysler, Dodge, Ram or Fiat vehicles are eligible under the program.

Online Banking

Ratepayers can make tax and utility payments online. We are set up with Telpay, Credit Unions as well as the Bank of Montreal and Toronto Dominion Banks. Payments can be made by adding payee “Mervin No 499(RM) – Taxes” or “Mervin No 499(RM) – Utilities”. Telpay payments are set up MERVIN(RM)NO.499 TAX or MERVIN(RM)NO.499 UTILITIES. If you require further assistance, please contact our office at 306-845-2045.


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